I recently reinstalled windows on my computer due to a series of crashed and the win32 virus, i used my factiry CD.
I use the Windows XP Media Center Edition, my machine is an eMachines W3507
At the begginning, i had the all famous NTLDR is compressed message, so i could't go anywhere from there, so i switched my hard drive from class selective to slave, and only then was i able to reinstall windows.
It was all going well until i tried to go on the internet, i said that my ethernet controller drivers were missing, and so were the drivers for my pci modem, so after 2 weeks of downloading and installing the incorrect drivers for my ethernet controller, i gave up and now i find myself typing this message.
I have lost all hope on the fools at eMachines customer service, because they just tell me to call some guy in India, and he tells me to give him my credit card number, because i never put my coomputer on a waranty.

Does anybody know a website where i can download these drivers, or someone who can help me?
Any help would be gratefully received
thanks in advance

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Well i'm unsure if you have an integrated Lan card (probably not)...
To know which Lan card you are using, you'll have to open ur CPU and write down the brand and the model no. Only then will you/We be able to find the correct driver for it..

I would suggest start with the system chipset driver first, install the latest chipset driver and reboot PC to take effect.
After the system rebooted, check to see if the LAN card been installed as well, if not, proceed with all other driver including the VGA and LAN card install then.

Hope the following link can get you the right chipset and other drivers as well.

Hope this helps!

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