how would you go about routing another email account through Outlook? i have a coupple of email accounts (college and a coupple of yahoo ones) that i would like to have sent to would i go about doing this?

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For Yahoo!, I'm pretty sure you will need to subscribe to one of their "premium" mail services in order to get POP3 (that is, non- web based) mail access. Other than that though, these links should give you the general idea of how to add new mail accounts (specifics will vary depending on the exact version of Outlook/OE that you use):

sorry for the late reply.....but i cant figgure out what to put in the POP3 (the incoming mail server) section in outlook. not sure of the ISP of the campus.....but that is the only thing that dosent seem to work. i test account creation and everything but the POP3 thing works. hmmmm, any ideas ?

ok...just tried something....i got it figgured out, BUT it will not connect to the server. i run the test and everything checks out, but it will not connect to server....getting real annoying.... :(

1. Are you sure that you got the right POP server name (and the correct user name) for the POP account in question? If you're trying to get mail from Yahoo as you said earlier, their support site says that you should be using the POP server. Check your settings carefully for spelling errors too.

2. When you say that you can't connect to the server, do you mean that you can't connect at all, or that you can connect but not authenticate?

3. What is the full and exact error that Outlook gives you when you tryo to connect?

4. Is this only a problem with the POP (incoming) mail server? That is, does sending messages via your SMTP (outgoing) mail server work correctly?

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