I´m trying to install vista but I always run into a big freeze. I install on a clean hard drive and I go through the installation process with installing windows, installing features, installing updates, completing installation and reboot. Now one of two things happens. There will be a black screen and nothing happens, I waited for 30 minutes, or there will be a green screen with Microsoft logo and a blue circel and the words please wait, I did for 45 minutes, nothing. Can someone give me a hint of what the problem can be? please.gif

I have
promise fastTrak S150 TX4
Intel pro/1000ct network connection
2 xeon
2gb memory
crative audigy 4
radeon x800xt pe
2x sata hard drive

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This can happen if the cd you are using is scratched you should try with another cd.


I installed Vista on a computer with ASUS M2V motherboard and had some problems installing, and after a couple tries it worked. But as soon as I tried to install SP1, I had the same problem: black screen and nothing happened. After some googling I found out, it's an incompatibility problem with that certain motherboard and ASUS didn't come up with a working BIOS solution, so I can forget about Vista on that computer - tough luck.

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