I am puzzled. My PCs (all of them) start off with normal flow when I watch a video using IE brouser. Then after a few days it begins to break up ...buffering..then breaks up again ..buffering!! I can no longer watch a video clip continuesly for more than a minute before another interrupting buffering....etc. Thi shappens with all PCs I engage (at least 5 now).

I have done the usual clean up: delete temp files, history, disk maintenace, etc. My CPU is over 2GHz and about 1GHz of RAM on a Dell D430 notebook!

Any suggestions?


Are you on a large network shared by others? If this is the case it means someone or a lot of people are using up to much bandwidth. If you are not at work I would suggest to try a video in firefox maybe your pc does not like ie. I just noticed something you only have one gig of ram that may be the whole problem. Try shutting down some uneeded processes then try a video.

Is this a video saved on your hard disk, or over the Internet?

- A video on your hard disk should not change. If it is changing, you have hardware trouble.

- You might have other software running that is stealing jiffies from the program playing the video. Close all other windows, and check for malware.

- Is your virus checker rechecking the file each time?

- If an Internet video slows down in the hours 4pm to 9 pm, you are fighting with other users for Internet bandwidth. It's a traffic jam on the Information Superhighway. Change your viewing hours.

These traffic jams occur at several different points:

1. Your ISP might be overloaded.
2. The server with the video might have too many requests to serve at one time.
3. There might be traffic jams in between.

Be aware that over the last two weeks, Pakistan has been trying to block videos from sites containing materials that violate Islam. The effects of these blocks (which are really packet eaters) have extended beyond the borders of Pakistan, causing traffic interruptions.

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