Hi All,

I hope you can assist. We have a computer (AMD Sempron 2200 with 80GB HDD and 512MB RAM) running Windows XP Pro and Office 2003. It is connected to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 domain.

Everything appears to work fine except for the Database Documenter in MS Access. When we run the Databse Documenter, it opens normally, the dialog box where you select the table appears, but when we click OK for the process to happen, it seems to run, but nothing ever appears on the screen. It just runs and then nothing. It doesn't hang the application - just nothing. On other machines on the domain, including similarly specced machines, it performs as normal.

Has anyone run into this one before and found a way around it? I am aware that this is probably one of those rare ones that are near to impossible to sort, but I would like to attempt to fix it for the client.

Hope there is someone who can help.



Just out of curiosity it sounds like it could be that the link to the tables has been lost. Reset the link(s) and it should work. But I am only guessing....I would have to check it out when I get home.

Only Office 2000 and Windows 2000 at work.

Hi Paladine,

We have since determined that the problem lies with Access 2003 not recognising the installed default printer (Samsung SCX4216F). All other Office applications can see the printer and print to it, but Access - no way.

It may be a security issue from within Access, but as this is the only installation of Access 2003 that is on this network, I can't tell if it is printer or server related, or is related simply to this one installation.

It seems to happen over most profiles.

The testing is continuing! Many thanks for your response.