Please help,

I have:
Dell Dimension L700CXE
runs WindowsMe
recently installed Wimdows Me, Spyware6, ad-Aware.

Iam getting the msg: " windows Update: IE and Internet Tools. Setup was unable to install all the components. Please close all applications and try running setup again." This is repeating after each will get up to about 90% install and the message will pop up.

It started when i removed McAfee Office2000 because I could configure it properly and the computer kept freezing. I re-installed windows Me and deleted spywares to be able to run faster. I am trying to re-install IExplorer6.0 needed to run Quickbooks 2004.


if you reinstalled windows ME, did you make sure to do a format? by just installing over the top you could have made things worse or caused the problem to stay around.

Definitely Format and start fresh. MacAffee Office2000, if my memory serves me correct, should not have been installed under Windows Me as it's incompatible.

Thanks all,

I reformatted the hard drive which also had a couple of viruses.
I am back and running again, thanks.