Ok guys, i don't need help or anything....... Im just writing this to warn you about some bad things I've heard about Service Pack 2 for Win XP. One of my relatives works at Boeing and she's been asking some of the tech agents at her work about the SP. They told her that its a good idea to wait until critical updates and fixes are released for SP2 before downloading it because the service pack has been causing faluts in the system firewall and may even damage some system files. I know for a fact it does this because when i installed SP2 on my laptop running Win XP Pro, it deleted important files in the system folder and i was unable to bood XP. I had to contact dell and reformat the whole computer.

So I suggest that you guys wait before installing Windows XP SP2 until Microsoft can release fixes for it.

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You've also posted the same comment in this similar topic:


I've responded there, indicating that such a problem does not exist for SP2. SP2 is already installed on a hell of a lot of PCs around the world, without any problems at all. It's already undergone a lengthy process of 'ironing out bugs' ;)

I agree totally. Im running SP2 right now and ive noticed some serious problems. but being a computer hacker, I disabled most of the services that SP2 employs and im safe for now until i format agian. But there are some serious faults in SP2. one being that it uses your CPU less efficiently, possibly a conflict between services? another this is that bandwith is severely limited. Im on a 5Mbit line at home and the most I can get now is around 1.5Mbit. The firewall is a joke, and its possibly less secure then in previous versions. The only thing thats kinda good that came out of this is the pop up blocker for IE. Although i dont use it, i bet there are people out there thatcan breath a sigh of relief.

Thos are some of the problems I have been having. Amongst countless others, that would take me too long to mention. Im still not done disecting SP2, but I would caution all of you to NOT download SP2 until it has been upgraded a little bit.

commented: I've seen a coupl of posts by this member today which are quite silly and irresponsible suggestions. -1

I'm sure the response I just made to another of your silly comments is reaction enough to this one, Mastadex!

Here it is!

Of course SP2 is not perfect. No-one claims that it is. But those people who DON'T install it are simply penalising themselves through stubborn pig-headedness and ignorance. ALL security updates should be installed.

Being a self-proclaimed 'hacker' is no claim to credibility, and even if it was an irresponsible suggestion still remains an irresponsible suggestion. Such comments are not really worthy contributions to a Technical assistance forum!

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