Hello, I need some help please =)

Yesterday I was streaming a video online and all of a sudden my audio quit working. I thought maybe it was the video, so I played another video and still no audio. I closed out Internet Explorer and tested my audio by playing a song in Windows Media Player...no audio. I restarted my computer and then everything was fine. What would cause my audio to suddenly stop working? I have the latest driver. Oh, and my audio is integrated...not a card.

Then, this morning when I started up my computer, I got a blue screen that said "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL." I have had this message in the past (long story) and I know it can be related to a device driver. So, I am thinking maybe my audio driver is no good? Device manager is claiming that everything is working properly. I am not sure if this blue screen and the audio issue are even related, but it seemed coincidental.

And yes, I do know that this blue screen message can also be related to RAM, but I have brand new memory and I have already tested it with Memtest86 and with Microsoft's mem test.

I have recently formatted my computer because of this darn blue screen that I had been getting pretty much every morning when I turned on my PC. I guess it didn't help and now I am back to square one.

Any ideas?

Thanks =)


The error is 'also' related to bad or incompatible drivers. try using older drivers for your audio?

if that doesn't do it, try rolling back your video drivers, then take out all but the essential components. one hd, the ram, the motherboard and processor. No cd drive, no floppy, no peripherals. get it to have to load as little as possible, then add one by one, until you find the problematic device.

You know, it's funny that you say that, because that is immediately what I thought of to do. I am going to install an older driver for my audio and see if it helps.

Thank you =)

Okay, so I went to Dell's website to find a previous driver for my audio...and there isn't one. The one I have installed is the only one. So, now I am not sure what to do. I guess now I will contact Dell.