I have not post in this forum before and are not sure if the question should be here...

However what I wonder is for the folder:


What I try to do in C++ is to create and read a file from this folder by using this call to that specific folder.


What my question is, is if this folder can be locked at some computers.
Is it a good idéa to create a file that will be needed by an application in this folder.
The whole purpose why I want to create a file in this folder is because I more easily can "hide" this file in this folder because there is so many files there rather than creating the file in the "Application Data" folder.

Thank you..

The system folder contains a lot of 'system' files that windows uses for itself. Rather better to leave it alone!
idea might be to create a different folder that you can use for your programs and then 'hide' the folder! (you may have to unhide it and rehide it in your program before and after use.

System32 also contains your drivers and libraries that third party applications, as well as Windows itself, use. In the main you can forget it is there. But sometimes it contains pests, too.