Hi all,
Wondering if anyone could help with a problem I've got with Firefox.
Love the program, but following an update a few weeks ago (I think) normal mode does not load properly, and crashes mid-way through opening the program.
I can open and use firefox in its safe mode and everything works fine. Only problem being that the extensions and themes don't work in safe mode.

Wondering if anyone knows how I could sort the problem.
I've tried completely (or so I thought) unistalling firefox, and then reinstalling. However, after reinstalling I still get the same problem (also a skin that I though I'd uninstalled is still active!)
I've tried to unistall in a variety of ways inc. add/remove progs, and the firefox uninstaller itself.

Seems a little weird to me, but if anyone knows of a way to sort the problem, or completely unistall, so I can reinstall, it would be great,


After loading Firefox in Safe Mode, load up your themes browser, select the default theme, select "Use Theme", and uninstall the remaining themes. Then load up your extensions manager and uninstall all of them. After doing this, try to start Firefox in standard mode.

Sometimes a theme or extension can cause Firefox to load improperly. My recommendation is to install extensions one at a time and restarting Firefox each time a new one is installed (if it won't start, start up in Safe Mode and remove the last one you added).

chrisbliss18, your a star! Thanks.
That was my problem. I went into safe mode, uninstalled all of my extensions and themes, and the loaded firefox in its normal mode.
As simple as that!
In finding all my favorite extensions, I stumble upon a few more (I recommend colorful tabs, its brill!)
Thanks again,