Hi everyone. I cant open my attachments in outlook express 6. When it gives me the option to open or save them I click on open and a blank box opens with the subject but no picture or text attachment. I use Norton and zonelabs so maybe these could be the problem. If anyone can help Id appreciate it. Thanks.

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It could be OE itself. Go to Tools, Options, and then click on the Security tab. Check to see if 'Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened...' and ' Block images and other external content...' are checked. If they are try unchecking one at a time and try again. Make sure your antivirus is up to date and scan everything b4 you open!

Hi Laser. Thanks for your help but Ive tried this already and It dosent work. The box you mention has never been checked. I think that it could be more to do with the zonelabs or norton software. What do you reckon?

Uninstall both and try to open your attatchments and you will soon know. Be carefull uninstallling Norton. Do not remove shared files or you may well find scandisc will no longer operate especially on win98.

Would not recommend uninstalling Norton, however just disabling it, it does sound as though your anti-virus has quarantined something though, so I would be careful.

Ok your problem is in the zone alarm!!! You have to open up zonealarm click on "Privacy" then under 'AD Blocking' click "Custom, under 'Ads to block' make sure the box that says animation is NOT checked. This should clear up your problem...


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