Every time I go to a directory, the view (tiles, icons, list etc etc) seems to be arbitrarily assigned.

The problem gets even worse with plugin USB drives as it seems to descend into chaos.

I keep doing "set all folders" to look like this, but does it remember - hell no!

Two questions:
a) can all this overly clever assumption about what windows thinks is "best" be turned OFF completely. I'm traditional, I don't need all these silly gimmicks. I'd be quite happy with the old explorer "details" view.

b) if it can't be turned off, can it at least be made to remember in a consistent way, even across different USB drives mapped to the same X: (for example).


Best way to lock down folder view type is to go into folder properties, select "customise" tab, and define folder type via drop-down menu. Is a permanent fix, but has to be set folder by folder.