I need the below software, if anyone have it please send me the link.



>if anyone have it please send me the link.
I don't have it, but I can give you a link to an online store, where you can legally buy it.

You cannot get commercial software legally in their full flavor.
(promotional actions are not taken into account here)

What you're thinking is that when someone who previously bought that software, and who does give you a link to a download location (probably with a beautiful license together), you automatically can use that software legally as well, but this is completely wrong.

No problem, I wrote this post with pleasure :)

Simply Google "Dragon Naturally Speaking" and choose the site from which you want to download--you can get a trial download and, rest assured, you'll be able to find a site where you can pay for it and have it all legally. You have many options. Just follow the instructions.