I am working on Windows XP and I select the hidden properties for some of my folders on my desktop and i can't view them even trying to show hidden files and folder options.... please can someone help me out with this... thanks a million in advace..

Are you logged in with Administrator privileges ?

maybe Not. i created a new account and thats the account that iam using...

Log in as Administrater and you should be able to see the hidden files/directories.

If you still can´t see hidden files and folder, you are infected. Solution:download smart virus remover(http://www.technize.com/download/6)run the first option (Delete autorun inf. files)then the third option,(also in safe mode).then the second option(restore windows defaul settings) this should solve your problem. Then after that download Malwarebytes.org the free version to finish eliminating the rest of the viruses. see if you could find no adware and run it too. look for Glary Utilities to fix windows errors. and then after that google ComboFix, all this should clean completely your system, don´t forget to also run your antivirus(McaFee). Good luck, if you do all this you´ll have a smooth running machine.
By the way make sure you run all this 2 to 3 times over, just to make sure.

search/advance search/all hidden files. you infected by virus download trojan remover it repair all bug of your computer cause by virus.

you have the amvo virus
go to
and download kill_amvo_virus_usb_en.vbs script it only 7.83KB and it works!!!

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