I succeeded twice to connect but something happened and now I can not connect to internet anymore
I ve got message that "windows cannot connect to internet" ad the reason is "unknown" so I don know what to do since I don't know what is the problem so if anyone can help me it would be great

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hi there can i have a few details:

What router are you using?

Are you using a wireless adapter or built in wireless or pci wireless card?

And i assume your using vista. Let me know but also try this go to start accessories then command prompt right click and then run as administrator. Then type ipconfig. Print the results here but replace the first few numbers of each address with xxx.
would be xxx.xxx.1.1

Then try ipconfig /release wait for it to complete then type ipconfig /renew. Try the internet again if it doesnt work answer the questions and we shall see what we can do!

hi there I have another problem now :)
My internet provider has changed my router Zyxel prestige 660 with the new one also Zyxel prestige and I now have access to internet but only if I don t secure my network and when I put the security key and MAC filter (I follow the steps that I ve got with Zyxel) then I cann t connect
Internet provider (t-com) told me that I have to do something with the network settings on my lap top (for network adapter) and not just security of the router
the problem is , I think, that I ve already put some kind of password that I cann t remember of (when I had old Zyxel) so I wish to reset all the setting but I dont know how
So if anybody knows something about this ........ please help

Answer to Your Question - I have vista as you supposed and I have the wireless built in my laptop

well if you using a mac filter you wont need anyother security MAC address filtering means only computers with MAC address you have entered can access your network. Make sure the mac address you have entered and is correct.

Vista should treat the new router as a new connection and will automatically say what security is in use by the router and will ask for a pass key if it requires one so its most likely the settings on the router. Doulbe check them and just use the mac address filtering turn the wep or wpa off.

I have to inform you that I have solved my problem.
thank you for your help

one thing to do as I have found out is to actually have your security key on too. I have mac address filtering enabled but have also discovered that other people with wireless enabled machines in my area are still able to connect to my network. The better the security is the less likely you are to have intruders browsing on your network

thats not mac address filtering then!

all the addresses of PC's set up on my network are set in the mac address filtering page on my router. then again that has been doing some funny things lately like sudden loss of all wireless functionality

strangely enough I just checked the filtering at the rouer and the tables cleared. any ideas?

lol Janine are you hijacking a thread.. :p I would suggest contacting the manufacturer of the router and notifying them of what happened and asking them if they have any advice. That's probably your best bet.

Its all based on the same kind of connection problem so theres no hi-jacking threads going on Dark. For whats worth Im running on Vista too :P

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