Good morning. I have a new Acer 5738Z Laptop, and I seem to have problems with the igfx driver. It always stops working. I do not want to change my drivers either. Any ideas how to resolve this?
Thanks in advance!

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If the driver is the problem but you wont update it then you are stuck with the problem.


It is latest.

Did you DL the "latest" driver from Acer or Intel. If you are relying on Acer to provide the latest driver, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Follow the link here to use Intel's own tool to verify you have the latest build... if you don't PLEASE UPDATE. Unsuitable graphics drivers are a common woe for users, as older drivers are often not fully optimised (or even suited for in some cases) for Vista upgrades, as in service packs, can change the OS's demands. Unfortunately this can be even more so for embedded display chipsets.

As Rik from RCE stated, if you are unwilling to update/replace driver, there is little more we can do for you.

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