I just bought a new E machine and it is running Vista Home. The computer will not shut down. I know this has been a problem in the past with E machines.......is there a fix now or should I return it? HELP.

Take it back.

Here's an alternate suggestion, as my suspicion is that Vista is just too heavy for eMachine's "low cost" hardware (although without a model number, it makes it damn hard to be sure).

DL Win7 RC1 (get in quick as free download almost expired). Install (dual-boot if you both know how and have the space), and DL any drivers you need from eMachine.

The reason I suggest this is this will quickly tell you whether this is a prob due to a hardware error, or simply the fact that Vista too heavy for system specs (Win7 being a damn sight lighter, will adding a vast amount of functionality that leaves XP behind). If it proves to be a hardware issue, you really aven't lost anything by trying Win7 first.

try from command console - shutdown -s -f -t 01

try from command prompt sorry:
shutdown - f -s -t 01
Good luck

Or more correctly:

shutdown /s /t 01

If you type shutdown /? you'll get a list of command line options in case you need them.

I tried your suggestions here and have had no luck getting my emachines laptop D525 to shut down any way except to force close it by holding the power button down. Very annoying since I'd like to conserve the battery as much as possible.

Just posting here in case anyone has come up with an answer to this problem.