I recieve the error on a computer with Windows ME on it that sounds as if the MSHTML.dll dll is corrupt. However I am unable to access the internet to download a current dll. This Error is occuring after I had run Spybot S&D and Adware SE. Everytime I restart the comp this error steals focus and stops all other processes from running. After Oking the error it just reappears and I can not acess anything else. The only thing I can do is access via DOS. I am not at this computer only trying to recommend a solution to someone else, or I would try and download the dll to a floppy boot to DOS and copy the DLL and register it. Any other suggestions other than this? Thanks

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I have the same problem after running Spybot.

When I go into safe mode I get the same error message which stops me going any further. I cannot get to system tools to get a system restore. I'm pretty much stuck.

Any help anyone could give will be much appreciated.


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