All was well until I installed updates. The computer goes on, message: Windows Explorer has encountered a problem & needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Task Manager works & it looks like all my programs still work, including wireless DSL. All I get on the screen is my background picture. Restarting and clicking on prior working configuration does not change anything. Help! This laptop is one month old.

have u found a solution for this problem yet

i have the same problem right now any help would be great

Me Too.

I had the same problem, now cured.

It appears that in my case the problem was that there was insufficient space on the 'C' drive during the installation. There was enough space to download the updates (including the update to SP2), but not to cope with all the files as they were 'unpacked'.

Presumably, although the software MAY check for available space when the installation starts, if space then becomes too low the updates still 'try' to complete, but not all are able to.

I had created a disk image of my 'C' drive before the operation, so was able to quickly restore the drive to its original state.

I used Partition Magic to increase the size of the 'C' drive, and ALSO as a precaution ran 'MSCONFIG', unchecked everything under the 'Startup' tab, and any item NOT shown as 'Microsoft Corporation' under the 'Services' tab.

After a re-boot (to ensure the above items were no longer running, I installed all the updates, including SP2, and the computer booted correctly.

After the installation I re-enabled the items mentioned above.

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