Not really an Internet Explorer problem! However, I am trying to activate the out of office assistant in Outlook 2002 by going to tools, options, others, general advanced options, then going to add-in manager where the exhange extentions property server is ticked as though it is already selected as an add-in. I've tried hitting install but this gives me a list of files to try and open then nothing happens.

Despite all this I still can't see the out of office assistant in the tools menu. This is driving me mad. Anyone got any ideas??

Are you connected to an Exchange server?

It might be a dumb question, I know, but that feature is designed to work with an Exchange server. If you're connecting to an SMTP server, you won't be able to use it.

Go into help and press "Show out of office assistant".

My version is 2003 so I don't know whether that will help

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