When I try and Open a link in IE I get the error can`t find server or dns error internet explorer, I am only having problem with 1 address I have checked the setting and everything seems to be set up correct. Unable to open web page in IE

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I had the same problem. Obviously there had to be a problem with the security settings. My solution that worked was:
a)changed the administrator name (in Window xp system) to what it was when the
webpages worked perfect.
b) removed the Norton Internet Security and Anti-virus software, shut the computer down and after restart : re-installed Norton IS from installation CD.
then everything worked perfect again, no more annoying messages and all log-ins to secure sites worked.
greetings kuddech


If it's only one address, it could also be a problem with the site/server.

Open a DOS box and try the following commands:

ping URL of site
ping IP address of site
nslookup URL of site
nslookup IP address of site


Good catch DMR it's always good sharing good DOS commands that are "useful"

lol. :)

Thanks Jimmy- I've been using Linux as my main OS for 4+ years now, so my brain just sort of thinks in command-line by default...



haha yeah I know what you mean I am really used to sql commands as well as OpenVMS commands and Linux and DOS a lot of commands you need to know and I am starting to forget everytime I use a new command.


...and I am starting to forget everytime I use a new command.

I know what you mean- it gets difficult to keep it all straight in your mind. I started my computer life in "DOS Land" (no Windows back in those days). I was down with all of the DOS commands and switches/options, but after years of also dealing with Linux systems, I often find myself trying to do something silly like "lsmod" or "ifconfig" from within a DOS window...


haha yeah I know what you mean I remember this

/ cd games
games> cd casino
casino> casino.exe

Good old Comm64 nothing beats Yellow/Black monitors and green/black monitors. Those were the good days anyway. Right on kuddech glad it kinda of worked out for you I guess your best bet would be security fourms because you got spyware.

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