I have 2 partitions : C and D (one for system, the other for data).

I reinstalled my win2k on C and its working but I don't understand why the boot.ini file is on the D partition.
There is also a very small WINNT folder on the D partition. I guess this is a folder which was used during installation but I am not sure. Can I delete it ?

And how can I put back the system files (boot.ini etc.) on C ?

Thank you.

So nobody knows ?


So nobody knows ?



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I've had Win2K do that to me once on multi drive/partition system, but I didn't even notice it until after the installation, so I wasn't able to figure exactly what went *burp*.

- If you set Windows Exploer's View options to show all hidden/system files and folders, do other core files like ntldr show up on the second partition along with boot.ini?

- How were each of the partitions formatted (FAT32 or NTFS)?

- What's in the WINNT folder on the second partition?

- Was there ever a version of Windows installed on the second partition?