Ok so i will start off with trying to describe what the problem is to the best of my ability. A few days ago my computer was working. i Came home from work and i booted up my pc. it booted up fine and as i started to login to some programs msn, vent, xfire my computer mouse started to lag. It lags in intervals about 3 seconds of lag and then 3 seconds and the computer would appear to be fine.

With the mouse lagging at this interval its still possible to work some programs if you still have them open. I had vent open and could talk to my friends but thay said it was very choppy like i was being cut off.
I have had this problem before and last time i fixed it my using an old back up I had of my C drive thinking it was windows. After using the back up a couple days later the problem returned when i was moving a large amount of files around to the C drive. I eventually narrowed it down to the amount of data i had on the hard drive. The drive is a 500gb seagate harddrive and this problem of lag happens when I had over 200 gb of data on the drive. This shouldnt matter i still have alot of space on the drive but i cant take the drive out of the equation just yet untill i get this fixed.

So I would really like to hear what you guys and gals have to say about this and will take any thing you post to heart in the attempt to fix this problem. Let me know if you need any ther info from me and if you cant be of any help than i would like to thank you for at least reading it in the attempt to try and help. THANKS ALL!

I would attack this by taking a quick look in Task Manager (ALT+CTRL+DEL then Tak Manager Button) when the system is slowing down. Select processes and click twice on the CPU column. This will place the highest utilisers of CPU at the top of the list. Ignore System Idle and make a note of the top 5-10 processes that keep hogging the CPU. From there you can usually work out whats going on.


I like Foz's idea, however I'd use msconfig.

Type "msconfig" into the search bar under your start menu. Allow access, then go to the services tab.

Here you'll see a list of the process, as well as the manufacturer. If you see any that have an unknown manufacturer, I'd be suspicious and google the name of the process to determine if its necessary for your PC and current hardware. However, look at all of your processes and determine if you can afford to cut any (and don't cut ANY unless you're sure, google any you are unsure of to avoid creating more problems).

Its very possible that you have outdated processes which you don't need anymore (after all, you said you have 200 GB of data which poses a lot of space for programs and processes you don't need anymore), and that could be a problem with conflicting applications.

I would suggest that you download a hijackthis and check log at the under given website.
Check if you got something suspected. Remove it, Hope it will work.