I just wanted to share some knowledge with you all as it took me a bit of time to uncover on the web and is quite astounding. I was getting invalid boot.ini messages on my PC and after restoring and rebooting several times, it kept disappearing. Suspected Virus, Trojan or Malware and used all the tools to scan but found nothing. Was rolling up my sleeves and preparing to get the serious loggers and tools out when I found a discussion that concluded it was a bug with Ask.com Toolbar, so removed it and all is well again.

Unbelievable but important to share.


This is one reason I do not install or use toolbars that aren't built with the application. Not ask, not google, not yahoo, not almost any of them. I don't let Firefox install the Yahoo toolbar. The only one I would consider using might be Mailfoundry's ham/spam reporter in Outlook, a tool that performs a very simple and very valuable service if you use Mailfoundry's anti-spam systems or services.

I neither want nor need any of those things wiping my nose and butt every time I turn around, with or without the same tissue.

The thing to remember is that those toolbars are for their convenience, not yours.

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