Problem: After installing the Windows Vista update that was recently released, whenever I boot my laptop there is a problem. It boots Windows fine, and after logging into my Windows account, and after my account loads, it goes to a black screen, with the cursor showing, and nothing else. About five minutes later it will load the desktop and taskbar.

Question: Could this be from the update, it did not have this problem before the update.

System Specs:

Make- Hewlett Packard
Processor- AMD Turion 64 X2 1.8 Ghz per core
Ram- 1 GB
Video- Nvidia GeForce go 6150 64 mb
Operating System- Windows Vista Home Premium

I actually have this problem only once after I install updates every Wednesday, but it never repeats until I install updates again. It takes about 30 seconds to a minute to show the desktop though, not five minutes. I always assumed it was the updates being configued.

Some other common variables; I too use an Nvidia graphics card 6 series, although your's is the laptop model...

I also have AMD dual core, although, again, yours is the laptop model.

And obviously I have Vista Home Premium as well.

Maybe you should try getting the latest Nvidia drivers? If I'm not mistaken they released some on Thursday. Also check your Windows Update log and see what it installed recently that might have caused this problem, and keep an eye out for failed updates as well (Control Panel | Windows Updates -- there is a link marked view update history).

I did exagerate on the five minutes sorry I was ticked off. lol sorry, yeah about a minute.

I had a failed update, I uninstalled it, I'm gonna restart and see what happens, be back in three minutes.

Same problem after reboot, after uninstalling the failed update.

This time it did the "Configuring Updates" on shutdown, and startup.

it does normally take a while to configure the update/s after the first reboot. And if you uninstall a failed update it will do the same. Try rebooting when you havent done any updates and if it keeps on doing it i would suggest uninstalling the update and reinstalling it or just removing it all together.