How can you tell what CODECS are what, in the video CODECS area of the Sound and Audio Devices ? Since I'm only see odd file names with DLL extensions.

Codes are actually some files that will enable you to paly some extensions like mp3,aac etc.

There's a tool named G-Spot that tells you everything you want to know about some video or audio clip. Tells you what CODEC you need to run.

There in the "tables" menu you get to see 2 lists of CODECs installed on your system. Audio and Video (plus the number of total installed CODECs in the main window).

There are allot of CODEC bundles that are free-of-charge, like Divx or ffdshow. Just google the terms "codec bundle" and you'll see the results.

Advice: Use only one at the time.

Thank you Chaky, Gspot does tell me which codecs those DLL are :)

You can also get packs according to which OS you use....just search for either XP Codec pack or Vista Codec pack I have found that these are to some degree better than ffdshow or divx. They appear to integrate better into the system.


Also have in mind that people tend to get infected by bogus codec packs. Try only packs with reputation.

good codec pack for windows would be the K-Lite Codec pack