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MS-6728 100. I went to the official site it doesn't seem to be there.

Correct me if i'm wrong but that is a motherboard. Does it have a built in sound card?


MS-6728-100 is a part no. for 865PE Neo2-PLS model. If that is correct, then THIS is the driver you need.

Also check here for other drivers for your mobo.


I looked inside my computer, and it had a sound card. On the motherboard it said MS 6728. And when I used Belarc, it said MS 6728 100. I need to find a sound driver, because my sound isn't working :(. When I use Device Manager, there are no ! or ? near C-Media AC97. This usually means that my speakers, headphones are broken, or my audio is muted. The thing is, my audio isn't muted, and the speakers and headphones worked on other computers!

To the above post, I don't understand what you are saying?

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