Hi guys! You know how in Mac OSX how you can do admin tasks without logging in as an admin? All you have to do is click that lock and enter credentials you know? Is there a way to do that in Windows? Maybe with a command or something? (assuming you have credentials) Maybe in the RUN box on the start menu? It's really annoying when I want to change one little feature and I can't because "I don't have sufficient rights".

As a side note, I don't want to see any of that "OSX > XP > Vista" crap. It's personal preference, and no one cares if you like one or the other.

Right click on the executable for the task and you'll get a popup menu. Left click on "Run as..." and enter your admin credentials.

I know you can do that...I wanted to know how to get past those OS things like "Set Program Access and Defaults" where if you try to edit that as only a user, it says "You do not have permission" and shows you nothing else. I want to know how to edit that kind of stuff without logging in as an admin.

I'm not sure i'm understanding your question, but ' Run as' works for that too. You could also select Properties on the right click menu and then click the Advanced button where you can set it to 'Run with different credentials'. With that set it will prompt you when you try to run it.

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