Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I have a problem with a computer at my office. For this computer I have 2 network cables from 2 different service providers. For example if one network goes down I can alway change to the other network.

From few days ago i cannot access internet from one network, when I plug the second line it works fine. I did a ping test and it was a faliure. When I plugged my laptop it works fine. IP method I use is dhcp. I tried by putting a static ip and it still does not work.

Can somebody please help me with this? i think it is a problem with m computer's settings


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Is your tcp/ip settings on the LAN connection set correctly, like obtaining ip automatically?


go to network connections in control panel and right click on icon for network that is not working and click on repair ,see what happens



Yeap, settings are correct, i can ping all the internal computers, dhcp server, gateway etc. but cannot ping outside. I tried resetting the xp winsock, i tried release and renew ip address but it just does not want to ping external ip addresses and web sites. can u help me? now i am running avg anti virus and lavasoft's adaware to see whether it is a virus.

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