Hi all,
I want to enter to my computer trough network , for example when I go to
-start - run - and type


He ask me for the password . How can i set a password for a network .
I have a username and password for my windows account .

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This password will be the password for that computer or user.

All Network passwords are based on user groups and permissions.

You will need to create a user group and add users to this group. Then assign the C:\ drive or whatever folder you want permission for that particular user group.


Goto Control panel -> Administrative Tools.
Double click on Local security Policy. this will pop up Local security setting windows.
Find/open folder 'Local Policies' and then select sub folder 'Security option'
On column Policy find word 'Accounts : Guest Account Status'
Check out this setting....
If setting is 'Enabled' then you can connect to this computer without prompt for password.
If setting is 'Disable' then this computer need you to enter valid account or password to access this computer.

now find 'Network access:Sharing and security model for local account'
change it to 'Classic - local user authenticate as themselves'


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