I have bought a copy of windows xp home upgrade from best buy for a friends old 333 mhz, 128 ram machine. She had 95 origionally and upgraded it to win 98 and after many problems she wants to go to windows xp like the rest of her computers. Her computer would not boot up to windows so i got her important documents by making it a slave drive on another machine and copying them over.

I went to put the xp disk in to upgrade it and it went through several steps and told me that it could not find an os to upgrade. I then went and decided that since it was origionally a windows 95 that it could not upgrade from that because the windows 98 upgrade would not count.

So i used fdisk and reformated her drive with a dos partition and went to install a full version disk of windows 98 i had temporaly and then upgrade it to xp home. It got all the way through and after its second reboot in the installation process it said "You started your computer with a version of MS-DOS inompatible with this version of Windows. Insert a Startup diskette matching this version of windows and then restart. The system has been halted. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer" and that is all it does...i need to finish up this job in a few hours, can anybody tell me what happened or how i could get xp home on her machine?


format again and just use the xp disk to install ,if its an up grade it will still do a full install just have to have the win98 disk to but in to show proof of ownersihp of a previisous version of windows when it asks for it .

ok thanks for the help i got it working with xp...everything except her usb ports...they are recognized fine it just says that her usb mouse is unknown and so is her 4 port usb hub...ill post again in the proper spot unless anyone has an idea

optain the drivers for the devices install them ,then plug them in .
what the name and model #s' of the two devices,try searching www.google.com