Major issue! I am unable to run windows after removing some programs a few days ago. The system makes it past the windows logo page and then freezes as a black screen. The error message says - services.exe - unable to load missing component. missing file msvcp60.dll
My dell computer did not come with a windows xp disk, so I am unable to insert one to repair the issue. The same message occurs in safe mode. I'm worried that I will lose all of my data!
Can someone please give me a step-by-step on how to correct this issue?

On the PC to which you have access, download msvcp60.dll. Perhaps try the download from here (at your risk, I'm afraid).
Put the file onto a memory stick.

Then boot the affected PC into Command Mode. This is done by pressing F8 a few times when you turn on the PC and it starts to boot. You'll get a menu and you can choose Command Mode. I guess you know this if you can get to Safe Mode.

I hope the Memory Stick works in Command Mode! It does on my Vista laptop. Then if the memory stick is E:

copy E:\msvcp60.dll C:\windows\system32

The reboot in Safe Mode to see what happens.

repeat for other missing DLL files.

Thank you Suspishio for the reply!
When I select to boot in safe mode with command prompt, the same error message occurs and I dont get a command window. Is there a way that I can pull up the command window with a shortcut?

Boot off your XP installation CD and use the recovery console. Copy the file over to your harddrive in the directory its supposed to go in.

Whomever is responding to this problem, please be aware that the person is running a Dell Computer with a Dell OEM Windows Installation...It's Not the same as Windows Per se...

He may have to contact dell and see if he can get a recovery disk that pertains to the exact make and model of his computer....
He may have deleted the recovery partition that is basic to all Dell and HP computers...

If I am wrong...let me know..But I've had an experience with a dell and an HP..they are almost Identical when you run into trouble. If you didn't have your computer backed-up into the recovery drive (that is the file system drive that dell puts its backup on or if you erased it) You might have a problem...

There is another alternative:
If you buy another hard drive and install an operating system onto it you may be able to recover the data (not the Dell Operating System) on the drive that is causing you problems..