I cannot tell if this is a hardware issue, or what, but my audio is breaking up. I'm running XP Home on an Asus MB, 1.7 gb processor, 1.5 gig of RAM, with a Creative sound card (Sound Blaster Audigy). 99.9% of the music is just fine, the other .1 could be a file problem or something in the data. When I run Video, that's when the audio break-up occurs. Any ideas?
Thanks, Giddyup

Does it happen with video's on your hard drive, or online ones, or both?

Thanks for that question. Right now it is just happening on the net through Firefox. I will download a video from someplace and check that out.
Thanks, Giddyup

Cool, do you have a codec pack installed? If so, what codec pack?

As long as I've been doing this I've never been into this area before, so I'm no confident as to the extent of my knowledge. I have Cineplayer, Nero, etc., but I'm not sure if that's what you're referring to. Going into the Device Manager I see Audio Codecs, Audigy and Video Codecs. When I go into properties each have many postfixes, but I'm really not sure of what I'm seeing. I apologize for my lacking.

OK, does it only seem to happen when using a particular player or can it happen with more than one?

THIS is an example of a codec pack.

The main problem I've noticed is mostly through the browser. If the rate of download does no stay ahead of the playback then there is a definite problem, so I've begun, in many cases Pausing until it finishes loading. Every once in a while I will still get some packet breakup even doing that. I've not really downloaded any files to the harddrive so I can't really address this at the moment. I'm having difficulty find files to download. As far as music files go I get an occasional hickup in a song. When I take a DVD and put it in, say, CinePlayer will give it to me without a hitch.
Thanks, Giddyup

That sounds more like a bandwith problem rather than an audio one. What speed is your internet connection?