When I try to run sfc /scannow i need to insert my XP cd, but I don't have it! I didn't get a cd when I bought my computer. I do have that I386 folder, though. Is there any way around it? Help please!

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You can mail Microsoft for one, are you sure no CD came with your computer, sometimes it's the 'restore' CD. you could try that

What model is it? Most come with a built in function to create your own CD for that sort of fixing.

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Hey Jus Copy the I386 folder to ur C Drive and Now you will need to tell your computer you now have the files on your PC. We do this is the registry (type regedit in the Run box on the start menu) by navigating to:

You will see various entries here on the right hand side. The one we want is called:
It probably has an entry pointing to your CD-ROM drive, and that is why it is asking for the XP CD. All we need to do is change it to:
Simply double click the SourcePatch setting and a new box will pop up allowing you to make the change.
Now restart your computer and try scannow sfc again!...
Hope This Helps



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