Hi when my pc starts up i log in but the system instatanly shuts down. I reinstalled windows and i am doing this in safe mode seen nothing else works.

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What security software have you got? Have you run any scans? If so, results?

hi problem resolved bu i have another.

My other pc now never starts and just pops up

File may be curputed

i cannot do anything and XP reinstall fails

Sounds like either bad ram or bad hard drive to me.

it like only 1.5 years old

Bud, look at this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article, looks like it could be useful to you.
It basically suggests some system file and registry editing to sort out the problem so do be careful, read through it thoroughly, and ask for help in anything ur not sure about.

Hi thomas, is this solved now?

Hi yeah thanks took it to a pro

Oh ok, do you know/did he tell you what he did to it, just out of interest?

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