I'm in a bit of a tussle at the moment. My PC has been acting odd for a very long time now and I just gathered the time to try and fix it.

I searched around and found out how to fix most of my problems but one that's beating me is the fact that I can't really connect to the internet.

I have BWMonitor installed and it shows some uploading/downloading going on (nothing over 2.5kb/s) When I open up firefox is never loads a page, or on any other browser. It's not just the browser, no program will connect to the internet either.

I don't know what is causing this...please help?

well apart from the fact that you must be connected to the internet to pose your question.i would sugest that you download IObit 360 . this is a new and free programe but its also very good run the full scan but not till you have updated it . hope this works for you .DO NOT go and buy a registry cleaner .ALL the best

Haha, Yeah I'm at a friends house, using his internet. I'll try IObit 360 right now

I used IObit 360 and it found some spyware/maleware/adware, it deleted them and I'm still having the same problem where I get no internet working. It says I'm connected to the internet, the ethernet cord works in my xbox.

Personally, I would never use anything other than spybot for spyware removal. Then in advanced mode under tools spybot can block any sites that may have your HOSTs file hijacked.

And registry cleaning, personally, I would never use anything other than CCleaner.

I am sure there are other decent apps for these tasks, but as an 'old school' type of guy, I tend to stick with the tried and true, especially when I remember the days of most malaware removers actually inflicting more than removing.

Also try to see if an instant messaging program can connect. If it can, but the browser can not, then likely its a firewall issue.

Nothing connects to the internet, yet BWMonitor still picks up some bandwidth somehow. Even when I turn my firewall off I can't connect to the internet. I'm going through an ethernet hub at the moment, and even when directly connected it won't connect to the internet. I'm not sure if it's a virus or a hardware problem at the moment.

I have probably had more luck using combofix to sort out this kind of problem. If all else fails run hijack this and send the log file to the appropriate thread.


In the Virues,Spyware and other nasties forum.

Off/On topic - I brought my PC over from my house to my friends house, that's when the problem started. Do you think it's his network not accepting my PC?