I downloaded the latest drivers for my Intel chipset915G. I thought they would have the drivers that were out of date on my computer. I installed them and rebooted. When I went to reboot, the computer hung up. I watied 10 minutes and didn't hear my hard drive so I unplugged my computer and restarted it. Now my fonts and icons are all tiny. I tried system restore to go back to an earlier day, three time. Each time it said it couldn't go back. I need bifocals just to read this page. My computer seems to run sluggish now too. Any help would be appreciated.

i suppose you can still access to your system device manager...so go to my computer (right click) choose properties then go to hardware then go to device manager...then right click on the intel drivers that you had just updated.. then click on update driver to reload back..your original drivers..

I did that, no luck it says no drivers saved. Now what? By the way thanks for your help.

hi are you sure that your chipset is Intel chipset915G, if you're not sure at intel website there's a software to identify which chipset you are using download this tool, and once the program identified the chipsets download the drivers for this one, and make sure that the driver that you download is compatible to your OS..

It says right on my computer what type it is. My computer is okay I just have very tiny font. I checked my monitors info and it said to set it at 1280 X 1024. I put it down to 1280 X 960, and I still have very tiny font.

hi you're using what video card?
can you go to device manager and click display adapter.. post back.. the data that appears on the display adapter..tnx

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