I had a registry issue with a game client i was using, aparently by installing 2 different clients of the same game i messed a bit up where i could not log either, so this resulted in reformatting.

however after i reformatted, i kept getting the message stating the file i was trying to install was curropted, please obtain another copy, verify its integrity and try again.

i finally got a correct file where the MDHash was identicle to that which the manufacture provided, but then i got constant errors where it said files were curropted, or once logged i would get 100% CPU usage a 9 ping and massive lag or something where i would have upto and over 30 second delays where my screen would freeze. the pc itself far exceeds the requirments. heh, the pc i am typing this thread on is 1/3 as much a pc and runs the application/game just fine.

so basically what i am at now, is a reinstall yet again because i could not even load anything from a CD either and my PC would reboot at random, so now all my PC does is reboot when it gets to the loading Windows XP screen. i have no idea whatsoever how to resolve this and get my pc to load properly to the desktop ect so i can finish installing drivers ect.

i have the following ect

Windows XP Home SP1
2.4ghz P4
512mb 333mhz ddr RAM
64mb nvidia geforce4
soundblaster live

what i need is to know how to get this pc installed and installed properly, in the simplest language possible lol

thx ^^

Delete the primary partition and recreate it to verify the integrity of the drive, if you have any bad clusters then your Hard drive may be bad. If you don't, type format C:
Then try installing your OS and if it says it cant find a file, dont skip it, try using another operating system cd and click retry.

Also check this just in case:

Your PC may be overheating. Make sure all the vents to the case are open and its in a cooler area of your house or office. Secondly check the fans in the CPU and see if they are spinning. If they aren't, first try switching the place where they connect to the mother board for power. If that doesn't work, get some new fans for like $.50. Try hooking those up, if that doesn't work your fan power connectors may be dead, in which case call in your motherboard warranty. Or buy one of those commercial fans and stick it next to your PC :D.

Have you ever "blown out" your CPU? You probably should because dust can make the cooling mechanisms work much more poorly. Get a vaccume that has the blow option, go outside, and blow all the dust out of your motherboard, CPU fan and heatsink, and power supply(this will have the most). That may explain the random powering down...

Hope this helps, because i couldnt really understand what you were asking

Shane McP

I agree, the partition deleting and repartitioning is always a good idea before a format. If while you are trying to install & it has a hard time copying, try installing using another cd drive. Also, be sure never to install an O.S. using a cdrw drive. DVD or normal cd drives will get the best read from your cd.

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