Helloy all.

Ok, so i have this client who is older and needs to hav his text size in windows larger so he can see it clearly. I've messed around with the obvious display settings under the Appearance tab in Display in the control panel, set text contrast colors to higher visibilty etc, but the results are unsatisfactory. Anyone know of a power tool or tweak or s/t that can let me make the general icons and text in Win98 SE larger withought having to compromise on the desktop resolution? (largest display is 640 x 480 but that bloats the desktop and e/t looks cluttered)

2 - Anyone know of a good piece of freeware to compile pictures and run an easy point and click slideshow?

Thanks in advance.

1. I don't know about 98, sorry.

2. Picasa is wonderful

*edit* and this is the wrong forum. This forum is more for posting known tweaks, not asking for new tweaks. Just giving you a heads up :D

If you go into display, appearance and there are schemes you cam select windows large and get bigger fonts and icons. I use it myself.
I can give you a line by line walkthrough as I am on an XP machine at the moment but I think it was right click on desktop get to properties then appearance and in the drop down menus near the bottom is the windows large or extra large option.

I am not sure what you mean about compiling pictures but the program I like is called Vuepro, the demo version is free and the paid version is only about $20 and it is one of the easiest I have found to view, sort and create slideshows

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