i have a doubt in password protection of winrar.In my knowledge there is little way to break the password protection of winrar. but is it still cant be reverse engineered?so that someone can break into winrar?? actually i have to protect a file using winrar. but my friend mentioned about the reverse engineering problem.So is Winrar successful for protection??

no protection is safe, never will be, It is never protectable against people that have lots of money and knowlage, hackers are always busy with new ways and cracks. Thats why you need to think of who you whant to protect it from, what the know about PC/Software/programmablity of them.

Example. If you whant to hide "Funny Stuff" from your girl then Winrar self protect service is cool. (I would suggest something like "Folder lcokbox" since it hides the folder aswel). If you want to protect it from the web, lock it from Winrar and store it on a flash drive out of your PC.

oops, LOL, It's "Folder Lockbox", my bad, fingers to fast for my Head!

You may want to consider TrueCrypt its an open source encryption program.

so u are saying there are programs for breaking passwords setup by winrar??but i cant find such a true one since most password breaking softwares employ dictionary attacks and when i google it i got suggested from a lot of articles saying that it may take months/years to break the password even if the machines work for 24/7