My computer has been randomly going to a black screen and having white random blink white lines flash horizontally across it. Also it has gone to a full screen gray with black diagonal hash marks.

I have videos and pictures of the screen.

<<email snipped>> if you wanna see the screen and think you can help

What model of HP do you have. I can check the asp site for service alerts. My first thought is MOBO/grfx problem. Have you tried connecting to external monitor?

its an HP Pavilion 9700 and I used to have an external monitor, but I haven't used it in a few weeks.

its an HP Pavilion 9700 and I used to have an external monitor, but I haven't used it in a few weeks.

You will need to look at the bottom of your notebook. 9700 is the series. There will me a model number that looks something like this XX000 xx = 2 numbers 000 = 3 number. You will need to match that to this service release.

Notebook Hardware Issue
HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario Notebook product numbers affected:
ES745AV, EX746AV, ES817AV, ES826AV, ES892AV, EW434AV, EW435AV, EW468AV, EW585AV, EW586AV, EW618AV, EW635AV, EW680AV, EZ452UA, EZ453UA, EZ456UA, EZ457UA, EZ458UA, EZ459UA, EZ460UA, EZ461UA, EZ462UA, EZ468UA, EZ470UA, EZ471UA, EZ472UA, EZ473UA, EZ474UA, EZ475UA, EZ502UA, EZ503UA, EZ643UA, EZ644UA, EZ648UA, EZ649UA, EZ672UA, EZ674UA, EZ675UA, EZ676UA, EZ677UA, EZ678UA, EZ680UA, EZ681UA, GA074UA, GA075UA, GA076UA, GA077UA, GA078UA, GA154UA, GA155UA, GA212UA, GA213UA, GA215UA, GA218UA, GA219UA, GA231UA, GA232UA, GA233UA, GA235UA, GA238UA, GA354UA, GA355UA, GA356UA, GA358UA, GA359UA, GA361UA, GA442UA, GA443UA, GA444UA, GA445UA, GA447UA, GA448UA, GA449UA, GA450UA, GA451UA, GA452UA, GA454UA, GA456UA, GA458UA, GA462UA, GA532UA, GA533UA, GA534UA, GA535UA, GA536UA, GA537UA, GD275AV, GD574AV, GF596UA, GL880UA, GL885UA, GL886UA, GL887UA, GL888UA, GL889UA, GL890UA, GL891UA, GL892UA, GL896UA, GL909UA, GL910UA, GL911UA, GL912UA, GL913UA, GL914UA, GL915UA, GL916UA, GL917UA, GL925UA, GL926UA, GM035UA, GM037UA, GM038UA, GM039UA, GM040UA, KA249UA, KA250UA, RD140AV, RD153AV, RD167AV, RD181AV, RE603AS, RE606AS, RG139AS, RG253UA, RG254UA, RG264UA, RG265UA, RG266UA, RG267UA, RG272UA, RG273UA, RG274UA, RG279UA, RG282UA, RG286UA, RG287UA, RG289UA, RG290UA, RG293UA, RG294UA, RG298UA, RG404UA, RG406UA, RG407UA, RG408UA, RG411UA, RG414UA, RG415UA, RK416AV, RK434AV, RK654AV, RK664AV, RL015AV, RN906UA, RN907UA, RN910UA, RN911UA, RN914UA, RN926UA, RN297UA, RP114UA, RP115UA, RP116UA, RP122UA, RP153UA, RP154UA, RP156UA, RP158UA, RP160UA, RP162UA, RP164UA, RP165UA, RP168UA, RP203UA, RP211UA, RP287UA, RP408UA, RP409UA, RP410UA, RP412UA, RP413UA, RP415UA, RU312UA, RU313UA, RU314UA, RU677UA, RU678UA, RU676UA, RU679UA, RU767UA, RU768UA, RU769UA, RU971UA, RU972UA, RU974UA, RU975UA, RV003UA, RV004UA, RV005UA, RV009UA, RV010UA, RV011UA, RV012UA, RV013UA, RV018UA, RV020UA, RV052UA, RV053UA, RV322UA, RV323UA, RV324UA, RV325UA, RV326UA, RX950AV, RX951AV, RZ330UA.
Note: Any of the above product numbers with an additional R at the end are also affected.

Situation HP has identified a hardware issue with certain HP Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 and HP Pavilion DV2000/DV6000/DV9000 model series notebooks. Users who own any of the above models and experiences one or more of the symptoms listed below may be eligible for a no-charge HP repair service.
The following symptoms apply to all of the above notebook model series:
• The notebook does not detect wireless networks and the wireless adapter is not detected in the Device Manager.
• There is no video on the computer LCD panel or external monitor.
The following symptoms only apply to the DV6000/DV9000 & V6000 model series:
• Notebook has no power and no active LEDs.
• Notebook will not start up.
• The battery charge indicator light does not turn on when the battery is installed and the AC adapter is connected.
• The notebook issues a single beep during boot, indicating no power.
• External monitor functions, but there is no image on the computer LCD panel.
NOTE: In North America, HP has authorized repairs for notebooks with this issue for a period up to 24 months after the start of the standard HP Limited Warranty. This service enhancement program does not affect the current standard limited warranty. If the notebook is experiencing issues or concerns other than those listed above, the current standard limited warranty applies.