Have been using my works laptop this evening, switched it off and when I switched it back on again the password won't work - havent change it but it's just not happening.
Any ideas?

When I try to type in my password the follow error message comes up: The system could not log you on, make sure your username and domain are correct then type your password again.

The caps lock is off, i haven't changed my password and still it won't let me in PLEASE HELP

Is your laptop a member of the domain? Check to see if you are logging in locally or as a member of a domain.

Log in as the administrator and use the admin password. If you dont know the password laeve it blank and enter.Recreate a new user or change the password of the current user that you cant seem to remember/ someone else has changed. Do this is safe mode. if you dont know how to startup in safe mode heres how: if youre computer starts tap F8 a number of times until you get a option list witch will include the safe mode option. Select that option

Cheers and Good Luck