Hello, all.

The company that hosts my web site does no filtering of spam or viruses whatsoever. Whatever is sent to me, I get. They have indicated that most of their clients are companies that deal with those matters at their end.

Previously, this was not a problem, because I hardly got any emails. However, lately I have been getting a thousand spam emails a day. I am now spending hours of my time pulling the good emails out from among all the spam, instead of getting productive work done.

So now I am wondering, what are my options for dealing with spam? Is there a favored software product for dealing with spam (ideally, something that can stop spam at the server, so nothing gets downloaded to my computer)? I will be doing my own search, but I would still like to hear your recommendations for how to best deal with spam.

Have previously heard of this one, but is always a fine balance btwn finding the right email-host that actually has reliable spam-filtering on their end, and having a decent filter on your own end. The less your email-host does, obviously the more work required your end.

I have also had the problem of spam.

Solved in two ways both different but similiar. My ISP has an option to remove known SPAm directly from my inbox and I have taken out this free option and it does a good job but a bit on the safe side (obviously).

I use on my own machine Mailwasherpro. It costrs a few bob but does do a great job and is very configuarble, I play safe and still do a bit of manually watching but in general over the last year or so it has build up a very good 'black' list and deletes those automatic and also gives a check to other known spam directories.

There are a lot of anto spam programs aroud nd it is a bit of suck it and see or follow the journal or pay for the big prfessional oines.