I’m trying to recover .jpg and mvi files that were deleted from my hard drive a while ago. They were created from about November 2006 to November 2007. They will be in sub-folders within a specific folder in the root drive.
The hard drive is a Samsung SP1644N - capacity 160Gb running on Win XP Home 2002 service pack 3.
This is on my home PC.
They were deleted sometime in 2008.
Do you know of any good freeware that I could use to recover these photos?


A small point to make, just a general one... but if punters put the OS into its own partition and kept all data in other partitions they would have an increased chance of recovering deleted files. Windows, left alone for 15, 20 minutes, will start to reorganise its files so that the most used are more easily accessible [it uses a file of recent usage kept in the Prefetch folder]. It may overwrite unused space... it is an "organised defragmentation".