I have a paper form, which users currently hand write. It's legal stuff, so the final document has to be on this form. So I want them to be able to type the info on the PC, and then stick the form in the printer and print directly onto it.

I can scan this in, then use any of the following on 2000 or XP;

Office 2000 (Word, Excel, publisher, photodraw, frontpage, Visio ....)
Office 2003 (Word, Excel, publisher....)
Adobe Acrobat 5
Open Office (1.1.3 I think)
Studio MX 2004
MS Works

So far I've tried saving the scanned image from Frontpage into GIF and JPEG formats and then using these as background images in word, to put text boxes on top, then deselect background printing. Problem is, Word won't auto size the background to fit A4, and I've tried changing the pixel size in paint, but can't get the size anywhere near usable.

I just need someway users can input the info, and have a guide as to what to enter, but the instuctions or scanned image can't be printed on the form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm having the same issue. I'm told by some that there is no conventional way to do this, but I know there's a way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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