well at it agian. once agian i have had to tell people why i cant fix it.

here is the storym
my brother bought a game for his new computer. game hs modest, to low end, system requirements. basicaly a 3d card, 128Mb ram, 8 meg video card and a 500Mhz

his laptop is a P4 2.4Ghz, 256MB ram, radeon 7500M (and a rather crapy sound card)

however every time the game enters a section that uses 3d graphics it crashes after a few seconds. during those few seconds u get that horrible "broken glass" effect. then it gives a classic memmory/dll error in a blue screen. needs rebooted.

well i know well that is usally a driver issue. so i go and downlaod the driver. however it then remember the first issue with this computer.

this laptop has a nasty "trick" to insure that only windowsXP is used. i originaly went to install win2000. also only a dell driver can be used. despit the fact it is a pure radeon card (some sort of hardware between the card and CPU or some dell firmware)

so i am forced to say "hey, nothing i can do here" i dont feel like spending hours toying with drivers or programming. I already tried that when installing win2000.

strangly i have pushed this laptop. it has little to no issues with games like UT2003, postal 2, wolf: E T, and unreal 2. and those need top of the line.
also the drivers from dell have not changed in some months

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What game is it? The computer just doesn't like this one game? Perhaps it has a problem with Radeon mobility cards? I used to have a problem w/ my Radeon and "The Sims" ... it kept randomly restarting my computer (due to a bugcheck, according to the event viewer)

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