i have a dell c400 and i set a password on it but then i forgot it i cant get into my computer and i need help to get into it anyone know?

is this a BIOS password? If so, u may be able to reset it by removing the lithum battery on the motherboard (careful!) and put it back in. ol tip i dunno if it will work for this. Or you reflash the bios.

Resetting CMOS by removing the CMOS battery, waiting a while, then replacing it should do the trick if it's a BIOS password. Make sure you shut the system down and switch off at the wall outlet before fiddling about inside the case.

nah its the windows password.. like i turn on the computer then it turns on fine and everything but when windows open i have to put in the password.. yeahh.. i forgot that.. anyway i can get in?

Boot into 'Safe mode' and log in as 'Administrator'.

Copy the data files across to somewhere else, delete the user account, and then create a new one, making sure you keep a record of any password this time. (If you've enabled "Make my folders and files personal" or whatever the option is, you might be out of luck :()

Fair dinkum, I reckon a lot of the time people just use the password feature because it's there! If it's not important enough to keep a record of the password, then why set one?

the thing is.. all i want to do is format my computer.. haha thats about it..

If you want to reformat your system drive, you won't be able to do that when booted into the Windows installation on your drive anyway- you'll need to boot from a Windows install CD and you will then be able to choose to reformat your drive as part of the installation process.

the thing is.. the laptop doesnt come with floppy or CD-ROM i have this external DVD burner (usb) and i plugged it in.. and it cant read it.. other than buyin the thing that comes wit it any othe way i can do it?

No CD or floppy drive?? Unless you can get the laptop to boot from that DVD drive you're kind of stuck.

the thing is.. the laptop doesnt come with floppy or CD-ROM i have this external DVD burner (usb) and i plugged it in.. and it cant read it.. other than buyin the thing that comes wit it any othe way i can do it?

You should be able to boot off the usb DVD burner, you should only have to set it up in bios, there is a bootable linux floppy, that you can burn to a bootable cd, that works well to set the password to nothing, or if you have the access or money ERD commander is a good program also.

ok, that must be a real POS laptop if it didn't come with any CD-ROM or Floppy drive. Pardon my french. How old is it?

I type in the wrong option and I can delete it now.....My apologies, again

This Is How U Do it.

1. Shutdown Computer And Restart In Safe Mode.
By Tapping f8 until u see the screen u want To boot
In SAfe Mode
2.Once U get to the Log on screen in safe mode. If
U have it sent to Manually type in a username and password type
Administrator. Or Just Click on the Account Named Administrator.
3.Now Go to Start--Control Panel---User Accounts.
4. Click on the account that u want to change the password to.
click change password. Then leave it blank and WALLA! U have
access to the account and it dosent have a password.

If U need More Help Email Me <Snip> DroP me a
Line Also If This Works For yah.


You lost your Windows XP password?

If so, here are some solutions:

See if this helps

Free stuff

image files
http://ntpass.blaa.net/bd011022.zip (1.4MB - Bootdisk image, date 011022)
http://ntpass.blaa.net/sc011022.zip (~700KB) - SCSI-drivers (011022)
This is a utility to (re)set the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your NT system, by modifying the crypted password in the registrys SAM file.
image writer

Another one
Change administrator password on NT/2000, without knowing it!!! Bootdisk...
image file
image writer

Another one

Run it to create a boot floppy then follow the instructions. If you choose to do this then you are doing this at your own risk. Just change the admin pw and login then change the account pw's that you desire.

Make sure you have a floppy disk in the floppy drive and let the program create the boot floppy. Now restart the machine a let it boot from the floppy. Now follow what it instructs you to do.

Use it like a bootdisk.

NTAccess can replace the administrator password of a Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows 2000 system by rebooting the computer with a special set of boot disks or CD-ROM (XP only). This is useful if you forgot the administrator password and cannot access the Windows XP/2000/NT system.

LC3 - The Password Auditing and Recovery Application

LC3 is the latest version of the award-winning password auditing and recovery application, L0phtCrack. It provides two critical capabilities to Windows® network administrators:
Free 15 day trial

L0phtCrack, The integrated password cracker for NT

Windows XP / 2000 / NT Key is a program to reset Windows XP / 2000 / NT security if Administrator password, secure boot password or key disk is lost.

Or you could, if you have a FAT32 file system, just boot to a Win98 bootdisk and rename the SAM file (registry Hive) in the C:\WINNT\system32\config folder to something else. Of course this will remove all accounts on the system and you will need to rebuild them. If you are using NTFS then boot to the Win2000 CD and do this from the Recovery console.

For XP
Windows XP Tip: Password Recovery Disk
Take preventive measures against losing user-level passwords

boot from windows XP CD and do a clean install remember to use QUICK format unless your drive has dead sectors

1)Turn off your computer then press F8 keep dowing it when you see a black screen it will tell you to go in to safe mode push that one puss enter agine and thine it will give you some codes just egnore the codes then when you have youer login screen push ctrl and alt and delete push those botton the same time do it agine an agine thine you will see a nother screen will come up it will tell you to type in youer user name and password will the username type in Administrator and for the password dont put nothing in it okay thin push enter there you go.

I am trying to log into a old computer of mine ,but of course I can't remember the password since I haven't used it in years. It is a Compact Presario with Windows 2000. I was wondering if anyone could help me reset the password. Thank you

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