Hi Guys, im looking for some software that will run on server 2003, which will allow users to log in from home, to a virtual machine/desktop where they each have their own environment linked to our AD forest.

I used Citrix XenServer before, but that only runs on a linux environment, and we dont have the facilities for that option, could be wrong about that tho.

Thanks in advanced. Cheers

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You could install Windows Server Terminal services on an independent machine. Windows Server already has this available by default, but it is necessary to have the appropriate licensing and it must be installed on a new and unique machine. The size of the machine will be dependent on how many users need to access it. Then you RDP to the Terminal server and oila.

There is also Microsft Virtual Server 2005 which is free. The client is also free I believe.

Third option might be something like this: http://www.vmware.com/download/server/ and its client.

I've never configured this outside the forest though. I imagine it would require a VPN.


Thanks guys, i overlooked RDP to be honest, totaly skipped my mind. we have a MAPS pack in the cupboard its got a Terminal service licence, ill use that.

@Kenearl, would be nice but unforunatly my employees would like to get some work done, cheers tho

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