I recently had a problem with spyware and the like. I went thru a major evaluation of my computer, downloading hijack, ewido, microsoft antispyware, adaware, spybot and the like. Everything was working fine after I did that. However, now I cannot connect using my wireless internet. I can connect using AOL dialup, but when I am connected that way, my Internet Explorer "Cannot find server" and my Netscape says "The proxy server you have configured could not be found. Please check your proxy settings and try again." I cannot use AIM, Yahoo messenger, or use the SSH Secure File Transer Client i use to connect to my school either.
I downloaded Firefox but that was unable to connect as well.
I tried reaching a site using an IP ( instead of a URL and I was able to reach the page..
Can anyone help me out here? Even before I was using wireless, I could still use all of the above while I was using AOL dialup. Thanks!

ok, nevermind i guess...i rebooted and its working now..weird

could have been a firewall issue. if it happens a gain try configuring your firewall. or use Mozilla(in siggy)