Is Vista really a bigger pile of crap than Second Life and Google Lively?

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If you believe the results of the first annual Fiasco Awards then the answer would appear to be an unequivocal yes considering that Vista got a rather staggering 86 percent of the vote for the worst performing IT product of the year. But then appearances can often be deceiving, and I wonder if this is not a great example of some quarters of the media, along with the usual Microsoft haters, jumping a little too quickly onto the 'Vista is a pile of pants' bandwagon once more?

First of all, what are the Fiasco Awards exactly?

A good question that many have not bothered to ask, let alone attempt to answer. It seems that it is a Spanish non-profit initiative which aims to reward the "best IT projects that have ended up as a Fiasco" if that makes any sense at all. The official explanation does not get any clearer when it goes on to talk about "both success and fiasco are a part of the same process of leaping forward, head and tail of the same coin" nor to explain an objective of keeping "alive criticism within the ICT sector." Like there is any need for an official body to foster criticism of IT products, we already have that and it is called the Internet community. Behind the almost incomprehensible project is the Fiasco Awards Team, drawn from the ICT sector with the support of "an Institution, called the Godfather, who in the Fiasco Awards 2009 edition is the Catalan Association of Telecommunications Engineers."

Right, so we might imagine that the opinion of this self-appointed group is hardly of global importance then. An argument made all the stronger when you take into account that the 86 percent statistic being bandied around actually works out to represent just 5222 people in all. Yes, that is right, according to just over 5000 of the millions of people who have actually used Vista it is pants.

Don't hold the front page.

The organisers claim that the Fiasco Award wants to "promote critical spirit and a positive attitude towards failure, which is a necessary stage in the road to success." Good luck with that, you will need it, as you will in achieving the dream of becoming "a popular Award."

Instead of jumping on the everything is crap bandwagon, why not take some time out to applaud the positive? I am not the greatest fan of Vista, nor Microsoft for that matter, but dumping on it for no real reason is pointless, at least wait until there is good cause. Talking of good causes, the second placing of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project seems particularly churlish. If any project deserves support for at least trying to make a difference then this is it. An ultimate failure it may well turn out to be, if it has not already, but talking of it in terms of being a fiasco is just wrong. Equally, it is hard to imagine why Second Life has found itself third in the list, although nobody could really argue with the ill-fated and pretty much always doomed to failure Google Lively finishing fourth.

Maybe the FAT behind the Fiasco Awards should change the name to the FUD Awards for next year...

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You are just as subjective as the article you are calling pants

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The biggest problem is its incompatibility with various software products. The second biggest problem is the learning curve.

I am upset whenever Microsoft releases a new operating system, because I get same troubles each time:

1. The kind of software and hardware I use requires a real-time interface with the real world. Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, the real-time software and hardware I already have won't work on the new version.

2. If I pay for the upgrade to the new Windows, I also have to wait two years for the company I got the real-time software and hardware from to produce a new version that runs on the new Windows. Then I have to pay for that. This means that an expensive machine with a 20-year life expectancy must be replaced after 3 or 4 years.

3. If I do not pay for the upgrade to a new version of Windows, I lose technical support. Then, after the company upgrades the real-time software and hardware, I lose technical support for that too.

4. Often, the company producing the real-time software and hardware finds that it can't afford to create the upgrade, and goes out of business.

5. The result is that I end up with a series of computers running various versions of operating systems, to support real-time software and hardware I can't do without.

6. It is thus impossible to do a completely controlled 10 or 20 year study involving real-time collected data. You can't keep the same equipment and software that long.

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I predict that if the Fiasco Awards lists itself as one of the 9 contenders for their ongoing award they MAY WELL see great correctly. SL > (Vista ² + Lively² + Fiasco awards)

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Wait, there is an option.. Bill could buy the FIasco Awards and add it as a feature in Windows 7 just in time for the next version.
Fiasco Live with Instant Message Failure hmmmm

I never got that thing to work, and to be forced to upgrade to something not neccessary has never been a cornerstone in progress as far I'm concerned.

Unfortunately Skype went the same way with it's 4th version and it never even came online on my new box with 2GB RAM and SP3.

Very odd.... Then again, of course I agree Vista is the epeiphany of a fiasco ...

When was the last time you went to buy a new car 2008 model, with included downgrade to 1998's style engine?

(See "Downgradeable Vista to XP " now for sale in every major computer store in the UK)

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